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NV ENVY Absinthe was originally conceived by George Rowley and produced in 2007/8 following extensive research at the Schimmell Library (probably Europes oldest herbal archive). We created an accessible Absinthe for all, using classic primary Absinthe ingredients ( Grand Wormwood, Star Anise & Fennel ), we took the dynamic step to further stimulate by adding Vanilla and Cocoa, making a unique twist on a classic Absinthe.

NV represents the textable version of ENVY: Giving to feelings of passion, jealousy and admiration. A desire to have for oneself, coverted by others and available to you…

This quickly became the only Absinthe listed to this day by UK National Union of Students Bars (NUSSL) and exported around the world.  Amazing  as a shot, mixed with your favourite energy drink or as an ENVY mojito!

To facilitate a growing cocktail market we have extended into a range of Gin, Vodka, Whisky and Rhum, playing off the simple yet memorable NV / ENVY brand. The portfolio was created for consumers to enjoy good quality and affordable classic spirits alongside our absinthe. With an ergonomic light bottle combined with simple packaging, enables a lower carbon footprint and higher quality spirit for you.

ENVY range of spirits is unique being under one Brand name, simple and easy to recall: “Like one, why not try them all” we have something for everyone.

Our quality has already been acknowledged and awarded recognition by the drinks industry, with blind tastings leading to 4 gold medals and two silvers for 2017…

ENVY Spirits medals 2017


The other advantage is our independent distribution network now have access to a broader folio of products outside of Absinthe, that do not conflict with their existing range of spirits.
Over time this will further reduce shipping costs of our absinthe as other spirits are group shipped.


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