Illustrations of ENVY Absinthe Verte distillation process

Absinthe. It’s not easy being green.

What is it? Hallucinogenic? Illegal? A myth?

Well. Yes and no. Or at least, not anymore. This most misunderstood of drinks has been around for centuries and been illegal more than a few times in more than a few countries. Favoured by artists and writers in the past, this little green fairy is back at a bar near you hitting the spots other spirits can’t reach, it’s the spirit du jour of the mixologist.


Does it really cause hallucinations? Absinthe is made from wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), a wild plant that’s active ingredient, thujone, was thought to induce a trip…but as it turns out, it doesn’t. Absinthe contains bitter aromatic herbs like liquorice and tarragon giving it an exquisite taste and that distinctive absinthe feeling.


If you like a little ritual with your drinking, you’ll love traditionally preparing Envy Absinthe: slowly drip water over a sugar cube into the spirit making a cloudy ‘louche’, then drink up.


Envy absinthe is a brilliant introduction to this most maligned of spirits, it’s a vivid lime colour with complex flavours, ranging from herbal anise to vanilla, cocoa and lemon zest. Intense and generous to taste, it’s smooth, well-balanced and creamy with a superb finish that fuses sweetness with notes of fennel and mint.


Envy absinthe is the culmination of a detailed process starting with the gathering and harvesting of key natural ingredients including anise, vanilla and cocoa. After a gentle maceration and distillation, the blend is put together by our experts to produce this delicious, original absinthe that is lush to drink on its own or as a mixer in cocktails needing a devious boost.


Envy Absinthe is every bartender’s favourite mixer so get involved and mix it up with sweet Chrysanthemum, straight out of the classic Savoy Cocktail Book, or go risqué with Hemingway’s champagne fuelled Death in the Afternoon. Are you ready to jump into the absinthe fountain? We dare you.


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