Illustrations of ENVY Gin distillation process

We love gin.

Dutch courage, gin baths, mothers ruin, black cats, malaria, shaken not stirred, Snoop...say what now?

Gin’s been up to all sorts of shenannigans since someone had the bright idea of infusing alcohol with juniper berries and other botanicals somewhere in Northern Europe about four hundred years ago…it gave soldiers from Holland Dutch courage, became the opium of the masses in London, got sold illegally by the sign of the black cat, helped the medicine go down to stave off malaria, been shaken not stirred with Mr Bond, and finally ended up rolling down the street sipping juice with Snoop. Gin’s hit the big time on more than one occasion, and it loves it.


Some say it tastes like pine needles, in a good way, but in actual fact gin’s full of all sorts of flavoursome things these days, from herbs to vegetables, flowers, fruits, spices and tea – and you thought it was all just about the lime and the ice.


In England in the 18th century, when 25% of London homes made or sold gin with over 7,000 sellers across the capital, you couldn’t be sure of the quality. But don’t worry, we’ve sorted a decent one so you don’t have to go back to mixing it up in your bathtub.


Envy London Dry Gin is packed with flavour, ranging from floral, lavender notes to lifted, citrus flavours that result in a Gin of quite remarkable complexity considering the cost. It’s round and juicy with a hint of sweetness to support the refreshing finish.


Envy Gin is the result of a strict selection of botanicals, herbs and spices, of which the most important is, of course, juniper. The botanicals are then slowly macerated in the alcohol, releasing essential oils which contribute to it’s complex flavour and texture. What’s not to like?


Envy Gin is all about the juice, beats and vibes these days but it loves a splash around in a sweet and sour Gimlet, plays a fine 007, shaken not stirred, in the iconic Martini and evokes the lushiousness of the Far East in the fruity Singapore Sling, but why not just join Gatsby, Bogart, Fields and Hemingway for gin o’clock with rocks of ice, lime and fizzy tonic water…frankly my dear, we do give a damn.