ENVY Spirits range, Absinthe, Gin, Rhum, Vodka and Whisky

ENVY & NV Spirits launches mainstream spirits in one unified brand. Bring it on.

Bayford, United Kingdom, June 2016:


The owners of La Fée Absinthe have expanded their NV Absinthe line with the launch of four mainstream, base spirits under one unified brand and design: ENVY & NV Spirits – pushing the boundaries of the previous bar set by the legendary Seagram’s brand portfolio.


The new range includes Caribbean White Rhum, London Dry Gin, Scottish Blended Whisky and Triple Distilled French Vodka alongside their established French Absinthe.


Production, bottling and sales began in April 2016, yet the idea began way back in 2007 when La Fée took the first step from premium to mainstream, with their low-strength NV Absinthe, now with over 1380 customers in the UK including exclusivity with NUSSL, and many more worldwide.


George Rowley, owner of La Fée said: “We have an opportunity to enter the mainstream spirits market with our new ENVY & NV Spirits brand via our established independent global distribution channels currently used to ship our premium brands, reducing costs by shipping alongside them. Our new range of base spirits, unified in one simple brand, design, name and bar call, offers our distributors a chance not always open to them – to enter the mainstream market with a quality affordable product, and an already established client base. It’s a win win for us, the independent distributors and our customers alike”.


ENVY & NV Spirits offers a simple, fresh and independent solution to the drinks industry – with industry credibility and history that customers can trust. Ideal for the on-trade account that wants a simple base spirits solution that stands out from the crowd.


George continues: “Our new range’s ethos is encapsulated in the mantra, “less is more”: bottles are lighter, there’s less packaging and less energy used in delivery, doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and waste. We’re countering the boutique premium market with affordable products that cost less yet retain quality through time-honoured traditional techniques and authentic recipes. What’s not to like?”   


ENVY & NV Spirits will be releasing equity of the brand in 2016. The new brand has effectively been seeded in the market via NV Absinthe over the last ten years, and now the time is right to unlock its value to invest funds in global marketing, to push the brand to the next level – continuing to challenge the mainstream marketplace with their rapidly scalable business at every step.


The ENVY & NV Spirits range is on sale now to the EU via oneenvy.com with an RRP for 70cl of £15.85 for 37.5% Vodka, £15.85 for 37.5% Gin, £16.25 for 40% Rhum, £17.25 for 40% Whisky and £18.25 for Absinthe, and from Gerry’s Wine and Spirits online at gerrys.uk.com and in their shop in Soho, London.


All spirits display the new UK Government Alcohol Guidelines (2016).


Check ENVY & NV Spirits out online at: oneenvy.com.

Enjoy NV Spirits responsibly.



Enclosures: Photo of ENVY & NV Spirits unified brand products.


For interview and comment: George and Jane Rowley, CEOs and Owners of ENVY & NV Spirits, and La Fée LLP at hello@oneenvy.com or on 0044 (0) 1992 551445

Website: oneenvy.com

Facebook: /nvspirits

Twitter: @ENVYspirits


Owner brand site: lafee.com


Extra information about La Fée LLP & NV Spirits:

  • NV Spirits Ltd is a VAT company founded and registered in the UK in 2016
  • La Fée, the eye device, NV, ENVY and other marks related to the products are registered trademarks in the EU of La Fée LLP and or NV Spirits Ltd, and are registered trademarks and or trade marks elsewhere
  • NV Spirits sells in global spirits markets via private networks of independent distributors, from the EU to across the world
  • NV Spirits offers a unique, fresh, alternative approach to the spirits market
  • NV Spirits works with the largest private drinks company in France, ensuring quality and production EU standards compliance.


About NV Spirits Ltd (2016)

NV Spirits Ltd was set up by the owners of La Fée LLP in 2016 following 18 months of R&D, looking to shake things up and evolve NV into a viable modern mainstream presence. Looking to separate and develop independently to our supérieure and extra supérieure La Fée and La Fée X•S Absinthe folio, NV Spirits have sourced quality spirits from across the world, and packaged them into a simple unified brand, projecting a bold modern approach into the commercial mainstream retail space.


Crowd Funding: NV Spirits will be releasing 10% equity of NV Spirits in 2016 and further releases in subsequent years to potential owners and Brand Ambassadors, to create a five-year marketing investment program via several equity releases. Extensive IP, trade marks, a globally activated brand and a fully scalable business will attract investors looking for short and long-term returns.


About La Fée LLP (2008)

We are family owned since 1996. The company holds, owns and protects our valuable global IP assets, from Brands to recipes and other intellectual property. The company oversees strategy and development and Brand activation into all Key global spirits markets. Now sells in over 35 countries from EU, Americas (North, Central and South), Middle East, Russia, Asia Pacific via multiple independent distribution partnerships. The business works with long-term partners production facilities across Europe, main bottlings centralized Paris Region, France. NV Spirits new range will look to utilise these established routes to market to ensure global availability over the next 36 months starting EU. La Fée LLP is moving into its next phase of development, reviewing equity release over the next 12 months for both the mother brand La Fée, and separately planning to start with NV. This exciting natural development will look to access and activate our sizable un-tapped brand wealth to invest in Brand activation over the next five years.


Company history: George Rowley, Owner, is a British entrepreneur who started the absinthe revival in Western Europe. In 1996, he founded Bohemia Beer House Ltd (later BBH Spirits). In 1998 he applied EU directive No. 88/388/EEC (which included the legal limits for thujone) to absinthe. His testing was approved by UK Trading Standards in June 1998. In 1998 he launched Czech absinth in the UK and his action became one of the primary catalysts for the resurgence of absinthe in Europe and the world. He also launched eAbsinthe, then the world’s first absinthe e-tailer. In 2000, with the assistance of Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder and curator of the Absinthe Museum, Auvers-sur-Oise, France and Gavin Pretor-Pinney cloudappreciationsociety.org, he launched his own brand, La Fée Absinthe, the first traditional distilled absinthe commercially produced in France since the 1915 ban, following private access and research at the Schimmel Library. In 2006 this was extended to enable mainstream bars easier access by creating a modern low=strength Absinthe with added natural vanilla and cocoa beans: NV Absinthe Verte 40%ABV. In the UK NV Absinthe is available through all main wholesalers with partnership agreements for exclusive category supply for NUSSL via Carlsberg UK and over other 1380 on-trade accounts.


Tasting notes, Pierre Mansour, Drinks Industry Expert Taster:

ENVY & NV Vodka Tasting Note: This excellent, triple-distilled Vodka has a vibrant, crystalline appearance which immediately hints at the purity of this 100% grain style. With delicate, refined aromas it is both gentle and rich with a soft, mellow texture and a lovely, discreet spice which persists on the finish. A whistle-clean and harmonious Vodka that will not fail to lift the party spirit!

Production Note: Envy Vodka is selected from the finest natural grain and distilled using authentic, traditional techniques. The freshly harvested grain is slowly fermented allowing our distiller to craft the cleanest possible spirit through the careful process of triple distillation. Its natural purity gives it intrinsic appeal and makes it an ideal base for cocktails and mixers.


ENVY & NV Gin Tasting Note: A classic London Dry Gin with wonderfully fragrant aromas that immediately jump out of the glass. This has incredible detail of flavour, ranging from floral, lavender notes to lifted, citrus flavours that result in a Gin of quite remarkable complexity for the price. It is round and juicy with a hint of sweetness to support the refreshing finish.

Production Note: Envy Gin is the result of a strict selection of botanicals, herbs and spices, of which the most important is juniper. The botanicals are then slowly macerated in the alcohol, liberating essential oils which contribute to the remarkable complexity of flavour and texture of Envy Gin.


ENVY & NV Rhum Tasting Note: An artisan expression of the Caribbean’s most famous spirit, notably spelt Rhum to reflect the authentic expression of the style. This has a brilliant, almost fluorescent appearance with attractive exotic flavours combining fig, maple syrup and fragrant spice. The delicious palate is characterised by smoothness, sweetness and a long, rich finish.

Production Note: Envy Rhum is crafted using the original, authentic recipe which has made this sugar cane spirit world famous. Sugar cane, grown and harvested in the French Caribbean islands (Guadeloupe), is freshly selected to produce molasses and sugar cane juice. The specially-adapted distillation method introduces a unique quality and character to Envy that makes it stand out as an excellent cocktail ingredient.


ENVY & NV Whisky Tasting Note:

This blend of fine Scotch Whiskies has been specially selected to express the characteristics that have made this one of the most successful spirits in the world. Bright golden, it is fruity and generously flavoured with aromas of orange intermingling with delicate smokey flavours from oak-ageing. Starting sweet, the finish is spicy, robust and warming.

Production Note: We select freshly harvested grain for Envy Whisky which after malting is distilled using the time-honoured, traditional technique of a continuous still. Matured in large wooden barrels then blended to our special recipe to create a Whisky that stands out for its delicacy and smoothness, perfectly suited as a cocktail mixer or simply straight or on the rocks.


ENVY & NV Absinthe Tasting Note:

A brilliant introduction to this most historic of spirits, NV Absinthe has a dazzling lime colour and complex flavours, ranging from herbal anise to vanilla, cocoa and lemon zest. Intense and generous to taste, it is smooth, well-balanced and creamy with a superb finish that fuses sweetness with notes of fennel and mint.

Production Note: Envy Absinthe is the culmination of a detailed process starting with the gathering and harvesting of key natural ingredients including anise, vanilla and cocoa. After a gentle maceration and distillation, the blend is put together by our experts to produce this delicious, original absinthe that is a joy to drink both in solo or as a mixer in cocktails needing a devilish boost!