Image of Envy Gin, Singapore Sling cocktail
About This Project

Singapore Envy

(Singapore Sling)


What’s it all about?

This iconic cocktail has an exotic past, invented by a bartender Ngiam Tong Boon from Hainan, the most southerly province in China, who was working at the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, the recipe is still hotly contested – and many to this day leave out the Benedictine, sadly. This sling is refreshing, fruity with a big gin splash. Drink sitting in a rattan chair, with ceiling fans and a dash of humidity for that authentic touch.


What’s in it?

50ml ENVY Gin

10ml Cointreau liqueur

10ml Benedictine

15ml Grenadine

120ml Pineapple juice

Dash lime juice

Dash bitters


How to make it:

Pour everything into a cocktail shake. Shake well with lots of ice and strain into highball glass. It’s a little twee, but we like to add a slice of pineapple and a cocktail cherry.