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ENVY Absinthe 40% 70cl Modern French Absinthe

Mojitos with a different twist, cool and refreshing anytime!

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Envy Absinthe is distilled using Grand Wormwood, Fennel & Anise with Cocoa & Vanilla for a deliciously modern twist on the famous French spirit.
NV Absinthe Verte is the ideal party drink whether drank straight as a shot.  Envy Absinthe can be added to your favourite mixer or energy drink, it’s ideal as the base ingredient for cocktails

Envy Absinthe, a name bearing both infamy and notoriety, a name associated with both sophistication and debauchery.  You may have never even tried it, but you certainly know it by reputation. A cure-all tonic, a hallucination inducing drink responsible for social disorder and even total insanity.   A delightfully refreshing beverage, absinthe has been thought to be many things.

The most recognisable absinthe is without a doubt the Verte, which is French for “green”.  This distinct colour became so commonly associated with absinthe in 19th century France.  Absinthe earned the popular name “La Fée Verte”, or “The Green Fairy”.
If you look back at most of the absinthe related paintings from the 18th century.   Almost all of the absinthe that was consumed within France is unmistakably green.
In fact, during the Parisian happy hour the prominence of the green fairy was so strong that it became known as l’heure verte, “the green hour”.
All absinthe starts its life as a Blanche, and then undergoes a “colouring step” where a new mixture of herbs in put into the distillate, adding colour and flavour creating a new peridot green. This delicate colour can be greatly altered by exposure to fluctuating temperatures and sunlight, so often a colouring is added to keep the green fairy green, whether in a distillery in France, or in your bars & homes across the world.

Jolly Green Giant with ENVY Absinthe

15ml   NV Absinthe
40ml  Pisang Ambon
15ml   Lemon Juice
15ml   Monin- Fruit de la passion
30ml  Pineapple Juice
3         Pineapple Chunks

Muddle the pineapple chunks, add rest of the ingredients, shake then strain, then pour over crushed ice into a sling glass
Garnish……Go Mad with flowers, pineapple leaves, passion fruit and a banana

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