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ENVY Caribbean White Rhum 40% 70cl

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ENVY Caribbean White Rhum.  Traditional White Rhum which is distilled on the beautiful, sun kissed islands of Guadeloupe in the French West Indies.
Only Rhum that is distilled in The French West Indies can use the letter “H” in Rhum in its name.

ENVY Caribbean White Rhum is produced using Sugar Cane molasses.  Most of the distilleries on Guadeloupe are smaller than ones on Martinique and they are generally family owned concerns. Guadeloupe is often referred to as the butterfly island which is due to its shape.

Most of the sugar cane that is grown on Guadeloupe is either from Grande Terre northern areas or the flat fields of Basse Terre.
The sugar cane crop is slowly being replaced by others such as Eggplant, Yams and Bananas.
Bananas now equate to half of the islands exports.

Guadeloupe is where the TV series “Death in Paradise” was filmed.  There are two main islands, they are called called Grande Terre and Basse Terre, this also has the capital which is also called Basse Terre.
The population as of 2015 was around 400,000, as Guadeloupe is an insular region of France, any citizen of The EU has the right to settle and work there

Cuba Libre with ENVY Caribbean White Rhum


What’s it all about?

It is claimed that Cuba Libre which is Spanish for Free Cuba was invented in Havana in the early 1900’s, later it was drank by ex-pats avoiding prohibition.  Rum was regularly mixed with cola and was used as a toast for the island of Cuba

What’s in it?

60ml ENVY Rhum
90ml Cola
2 dashes of Angostura bitters
1 Freshly squeezed Lime

How to make it:

Pour 90ml of Cola into a Collins glass then squeeze juice of one lime, add 60ml of Envy Rhum,  2 dashes of Angostura bitters then top with Cola, and finally add a twist of lime to garnish

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