Illustrations of ENVY Caribbean Rhum distillation process

 Rhum Sweet Rhum

Like the soda pop of the cocktail cabinet, Envy Rhum’s sugary stickiness is what makes it so moreish to drink.

Sweet-toothed Europe inadvertently created this juicy drink when some bright spark in the Caribbean fermented and distilled the by-product of sugar cane, molasses. And a legend, favoured by pirates, was born.


Envy Rhum is crafted using the original, authentic recipe which has made this sugar cane spirit world famous. Sugar cane, grown and harvested in the French Caribbean islands, is freshly selected to produce molasses and sugar cane juice. This specially-adapted distillation method introduces a unique quality and character to Envy Rhum that makes it stand out as an excellent cocktail ingredient. Or…just add ice and lime, sit back, and dream of the beach…


Envy Rhum is an artisans expression of the Caribbean’s most famous spirit, notably spelt Rhum to reflect the authentic expression of the style. It has a brilliant, almost fluorescent appearance with attractive exotic flavours combining fig, maple syrup and fragrant spice. The delicious palate is characterised by smoothness, sweetness and a long, rich finish.


If you were wondering why our Rhum is spelt with an h, it’s because we distil our Rhum in the French West Indies in the time-honoured, traditional manner, enabling our bottles to carry the official statement: Rhum Traditionnel des Départements Français D’Outre-Mer – Appellation D’Origine. 


Envy Rhum can be sipped neat or on the rocks, and many famous cocktails use the spirit in the mix, including the legendary minty goodness of the Mojito, the coconuty gorgeousness of the Piña Colada, the classically sweet Daiquiri and the moreish fruitiness of the Mai Tai, not to forget of course, the effortless simplicity of the classic Cuba Libre, or Rum and coke.