We’ve gone global.

NV Absinthe is available worldwide via the distributors below. If you are in the EU, the rest of the ENVY & NV Spirits range is available to buy directly from this website, or at Gerry’s Wines and Spirits, Soho, London – and we will be making the rest of the ENVY & NV Spirits range available worldwide shortly. If you want to either stock or distribute our full range of products, or if you need official product images for promotion, contact us at hello@oneenvy.com

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UK: Cellar Trends
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Netherlands: Bottle Business
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France: La Maison de Whisky
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Germany: Bremer Spirituosen Contor


Italy: Velier


USA: Preiss Imports


Australia: Think Spirits


Dubai: MMI


Hong Kong/China: Leung Yick


Sri Lanka: Rockland


Mexico: Pangea Premium Spirits


Argentina: Kiara Trading


Czech Republic: Premium Wine & Spirits


Ireland: Findlater Wine & Spirits