Illustrations of ENVY Vodka distillation process

Vodka. It’s so hot right now.

Envy Vodka is the social chameleon who fits in at every party. It prides itself in blending in to any cocktail, adding a splash of heat, without drowning out it’s flavoursome friends.

Vodka has done its time, first mentioned in the Middle Ages in Polish court documents of 1405, the name vodka means ‘little water’ but it was often called ‘burning wine’ or gorzeć (Polish) goryashchee vino (Russian) and brannvin (Swedish). Produced by naturally fermenting potatoes or cereal grains, it was most likely a medicine at first – it was another 600 years before it became the cocktail mover and shaker that it is right now.


Our triple-distilled vodka has a vibrant, crystalline appearance which immediately hints at the purity of this 100% grain style. With delicate, refined aromas it is both gentle and rich with a soft, mellow texture and a lovely, discreet spice which persists on the finish. A whistle-clean and harmonious Vodka that will not fail to lift any party.


Envy Vodka is selected from the finest natural grain and distilled using authentic, traditional techniques. The freshly harvested grain is slowly fermented allowing our distiller to craft the cleanest possible spirit through the careful process of triple distillation. Its natural purity gives it intrinsic appeal and makes it an ideal base for cocktails and mixers.


Envy vodka is a bit of a goer when it comes to cocktails, from Carrie’s stylish jewelled bright Cosmopolitan, to the gingery smokiness of the Moscow Mule, to the sweet coffee stickiness of the White Russian, to everyone’s favourite hair-of-the-dog, the infamous Bloody Mary.


ENVY Vodka Silver medal at Berlin International Spirits Competition 2017