Illustrations of ENVY whisky distillation process

Whisky for life. Not just for Christmas.

Oh whisky, like your favourite comfy pair of jeans, snuggle down with a glass, friends and music, and everything’s alright with the world.

But what’s with all the confusing names? Whisky, whiskey, bourbon, scotch or rye? Well, Whiskey is from Ireland or America, Whisky is from Scotland, Canada, Japan and elsewhere, bourbon is American whiskey with over 51% corn aged in charred oak barrels and rye is the same with at least 51% rye. Got it?


Envy Whisky is distilled in Scotland and aged in oak barrels for three years, our barley is smoked with peat – giving it that mouth-watering smoky flavour.


Our blend of fine Scotch Whiskies has been specially selected to express the characteristics that have made this one of the most successful spirits in the world. Bright golden, it is fruity and generously flavoured with aromas of orange intermingling with delicate smoky flavours from oak-ageing. Starting sweet, the finish is spicy, robust and warming.


We select freshly harvested grain for Envy Whisky which after malting is distilled using the time-honoured, traditional technique of a continuous still. Matured in large oak barrels then blended to our special recipe to create a Whisky that stands out for its delicacy and smoothness, perfectly suited as a cocktail mixer or simply straight on the rocks.


Envy Whisky is a multi-talented beast, from the lip-puckering sharpness of the Whiskey Sour, to the sweet, dry or perfect Rob Roy and the classically fashionable Manhattan, to Mad Men Don Draper’s citrusy sweet Old Fashioned, to everyone’s favourite winter warmer, the Hot Toddy, and the effortlessly cool, whiskey on the rocks.

ENVY Whisky medals